Consulting Services

  • For over 40 years Debra and I have been preparing and presenting assets to buyers and consulting services to thousands of clients. Learning from previous efforts and successes on our own and from other industry professionals gives us a unique insight rarely found if at all. If the digital selling landscape or valuation of a single or multiple of assets has you confused, we can help! Here are just a few of our specialties…

  • Seasoned and expert immediate valuations driven by instant access to specific data points in our proprietary system.

  • Representation in your behalf for the sale or acquisition of any asset in the US or abroad.

  • Guidance at an hourly rate on your options as you seek a certain experience in the following market segments,

    • Acquisition or Dispersal of unique or specialty assets
    • Valuation based on immediate and historical data sourced in our proprietary system
    • Efforts to enter a business segment of the marketplace. As a serial and successful entrepreneur of over 45 years, we’ve had a few wins and learning moments! If you are considering entering a business as an owner or partner, we can certainly provide insight from our past experiences. Here are just a few of our past projects…